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Revija I.D.I.O.T.

Tibor Hrs Pandur, Editor

The magazine stopped its operations in 2017

Archival article

The I.D.I.O.T Magazine has been biannually produced by the I.D.I.O.T Group since 2009. It is a literary magazine publishing original and translated poetry, prose, theory, and drama, as understood to be new and relevant by its editors, themselves authors from the "paraliterary" I.D.I.O.T Group. Thus, they especially focus on the young and not-yet-established authors of the 21st century, striving to provide them a literary voice and expression of their own.

The magazine has a permanent open call for texts and also visual works, with a huge chunk of the material also being published on the I.D.I.O.T website. The magazine editions are often thematically curated, for example, a past edition under the topic Economy is Art. There is also a magazine sub-series called IDIOT BALKAN, that functions as a sort of a mini-anthology of the current fresh literary endeavours in the ex-Yugoslavia region.

Live magazine manifestations

The magazine editions are usually accompanied by live audio-visual literary manifestations that take place across Slovenia and are sometimes transmitted through Radio Študent. These manifestations also often happen in conjunction with the poetry reading series Young Rhymes. In one especially ambitious case, a group of I.D.I.O.T poets, joined by music and video artists, even embarked on a tour and presented the IDIOT BALKAN magazine edition in 5 countries of ex-Yugoslavia, staging there literary evenings together with local literary figures.

Since 2016 the magazine has been a member of the Babelsprech international network.

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