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Ustanova Imago Sloveniae - Podoba Slovenije
Gornji trg 16, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 6600
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Janoš Kern, Director
Petra Kurinčič, Public Relations
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The non-profit institute Imago Sloveniae goes back to the year 1986, when its predecessor, the Society for the Revitalisation of the Cultural Image of the Old City Centre was established. The name of the society actually still describes a big part of Imago Sloveniae's activity, which is organising live music and other cultural events in various old city squares and alongside them in castles, sacred buildings, museums, and other architectural heritage sites in Slovenia.

Up until now, it has produced well over 2,000 concerts of mainly classical, choral and early music, but also of jazz, world music and even occasional ventures into rock and more experimental music territories.

In connecting the cultural heritage with living culture, Imago Sloveniae collaborates with various cultural and tourist organisations. Its main events are the International Music Festival Imago Slovenia (since 1994), the Summer in Old Ljubljana Town festival (since 1986), the Nights in Old Ljubljana Town festival (since 1988), and the Winter in Old Ljubljana Town cycle (since 1986).

Concept and background

The project was initiated by the musician and pedagogue Primož Lorenz (1942–2007) in the second half of the 1980s. In order to revive the old town centre of Ljubljana, he and some others started to organise open-air concerts there. This enterprise soon began to spread outside the local area and to handle this expansion, the Imago Sloveniae institute was established in 1994. It currently collaborates with 25 municipalities and towns and manages a network of cultural venues spaced all over the country, utilising these contacts to also realise musical programmes in the more peripheral regions.

The revitalisation of architectural heritage by way of live music, the discovery of new, often unusual sites for cultural events like castle courtyards and churches, a poly-centric and regionally dispersed promotion of new music, the artistic development of young musicians, and the free accessibility of arts are the main coordinates of the Imago Sloveniae project.

The festivals

Imago Sloveniae organises several festivals and cycles, with Summer Imago Sloveniae Festival being the primary one. It takes place from June to September in locations all over Slovenia.

The Ljubljana part of this festival, which also uses its historic name Summer in Ljubljana Old Town, lasts from June till the middle of August and is co-organised by the still-active Society for the Revitalisation of the Cultural Image of the Old City Centre. It has a further subsection, the Jazz Stage, which takes place at Gornji trg, quite near the organisation's offices. A similar December edition is called Winter in Ljubljana Old Town.

The event Nights in Old Ljubljana Town is a more condensed festival, set in the last few days of August. Another, more recent project, established in 2005, is the Young Talents Cycle.

International projects

Imago Sloveniae organised the European Music Summer 2009, a project supported by the EU Culture Programme (2007–2013). Seventy-three concerts of music (early music, world music, jazz) were performed by around 970 musicians from 17 European countries and took place at architectural heritage sites in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. In the course of this project (and naturally also its regular work), Imago has established firm links with a number of festivals and cultural institutions worldwide.

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