Jože Lacko Memorial Room, Ptuj


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Spominska soba Jožeta Lacka, Ptuj
Nova vas pri Ptuju 90, SI-2250 Ptuj
Phone386 (0) 2 745 6420
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Matjaž Lacko, Curator
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The Jože Lacko Memorial Room in Ptuj presents photographic and archival material relating to the life and revolutionary activities of Jože Lacko (1894–1942), a fighter for workers' and farmers' rights, and organiser of the National Liberation Front in Slovenske gorice. He collaborated in the establishment of the local partisan Lacko Company in 1942.

The Lacko Company was captured and the men slaughtered by German occupiers in August 1942, except for three combatants, among them Jože Lacko, who was captured soon after in Spodnji Velovlek. He died after being tortured in prison in Ptuj on 18 August 1942. In 1951 he was posthumously declared a national hero.

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