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Mednarodna literarna nagrada KONS

The KONS Literary Award is an international literary accolade presented to exceptional authors whose stance and work have fostered social change and engagement, as well as contributed toward better conditions for artistic creativity. The name is taken from a series of poems by renowned Slovene poet Srečko Kosovel (1904–1926), which epitomises the perennial need for social change, criticism, and constructivism.

The award was launched in 2011 on the initiative of three Slovene literary authors, Taja Kramberger, Barbara Korun, and Tatjana Jamnik. The first award ceremony was held at Pavelhaus in Austria, where author, painter, and translator Iztok Osojnik was honoured as the first winner of the KONS Literary Award. In February 2013 the second KONS Literary Award was conferred on Nicaraguan and Salvadorian poet Claribel Alegría at the International Poetry Festival in Granada, Nicaragua.

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