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KUD Kentaver
Rusjanov trg 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Dejan Koban
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Established in 2004, KUD Kentaver started as a vehicle for Dejan Koban and Veronika Dintjan to organise poetry readings in a somewhat more relaxed manner, which they thought was lacking at that time. While the first evenings were organised in the Celica Hostel, by the end of 2005 the pair took over the Young Rhymes series and has since been more or less preoccupied by it and the festival of the same name that has emerged over time.

Nevertheless, KUD Kentaver has also been active in publishing and has released a number of poetry booklets know as Little Ignored Books. They are a D-I-Y affair, all of them numbered and signed by the authors – who, naturally, have also been hosted at one of the Young Rhymes evenings.

KUD Kentaver's was a co-organizer of the Literodrom, an international festival devised with the aim of mapping developing literary practices.

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