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Contact info
Klub Metulj
Bistrica ob Sotli 9, SI-3256 Bistrica ob Sotli
Founded byBistrica ob Sotli Youth Society
Irena Černelč, Programme Head
Phone386 (0) 40 454 653
Špela Drašler, Concert booking
Online accounts:
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Klub Metulj [Club Butterfly] is situated in Bistrica ob Sotli, a village set just by the border with Croatia and known for its unusually lively and productive musical scene. Though officially a youth club, Metulj caters for other generations as well and offers a programme that features music concerts, workshops, lectures, discussions, international exchanges and other projects


The history of the club goes back to 1996, when the local youth established it as an unofficial place to hang out and socialize. Soon, concerts were started to be held there and the crew running the club legalised its activities and set up the Bistrica ob Sotli Youth Association. Alongside this, the music scene in Bistrica started flourishing and about ten years after its inception the club was thoroughly renovated and has also obtained the youth centre status. After that, a bit more substantial financing was arranged and a consistent and quality programme set in place.


Besides the aforementioned international exchanges, the club is or has been involved in various ecologically informed enterprises, local community and its culture development projects, different workshop and also music festivals (Bosorok, Kolomonov Žegen). A very curious project is Improcon, a some sort of a festival of improvised arts, done in cooperation with the people from the neighbouring Croatian town Kumrovec and taking place at different venues in both towns. And, as festivals go, Klub Metulj also cooperates with Zasavje Noisefest International and is a regular host for Club Marathon.

The yearlong music programme not only features concerts by prominent Slovenian alternative bands but also a music cycle called SundayNoise, which takes place on Sundays and brings notable freejazz, rock, impro, noise and other edgier bands from Slovenia as well as abroad. Of them, one can mention MoE (NO), Les Rhinocéros (USA), Mario Rechtern (DE), Linda Sharrock (US), Tristan Honsinger (NL), Diamond Terrifier (US), Dead Neanderthals (NL) and The Grand Astoria (RU).

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