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Contact info
Grad Kodeljevo
Koblarjeva 34, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 544 3067

Located on the outskirts of the Ljubljana city centre, Kodeljevo is a pleasant 17th-century settlement with a castle and a number of late Renaissance features. In the 18th century, a small chapel was built onto Kodeljevo Castle and decorated with frescoes by Baroque painter Fran Jelovšek. Kodeljevo is named after Baron Peter Anthony Codelli, who bought the Turn mansion in 1700. The last descendant, Baron Anton Codelli (1875–1954), was a famous inventor and the first to own an automobile in Ljubljana.

Kodeljevo Castle 2012 exterior Photo Anja Premk.JPG

Past cultural activities

After the completion of the restoration of the castle in 2004, a cultural programme was presented here for a couple of years. It was programmed by Artreflect, a project for young enthusiasts from the fields of visual arts and social sciences with the general aim of promoting alternative, progressive ways of expressing and reflecting social reality. The 2005 Break Festival presented an exhibition of 16 installations in the castle gallery, and in 2007, the Šerpa Literary Art Association and the Sploh Institute co-presented a series of interdisciplinary events called Con-fine aperto.

Located near the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, the plan for the Kodeljevo Castle to become a Slovenian Sports Manor has been stalled because of heritage conservation issues and ownership claims. Today, only a restaurant is located in the building, frequented by locals who come to enjoy the park and the surrounding sporting activities with their families.

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