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Kranjska mestna hiša
Glavni trg 4, SI-4000 Kranj
Phone386 (0) 4 201 3950, 386 (0) 4 201 3980
ProprietorGorenjska Museum

Kranj Town Hall is one of the most important cultural monuments in Slovenia. Its current shape is the result of joining two buildings. The ground floor and first floor areas house a gallery, opened in 1966, with permanent and temporary exhibitions prepared by the Gorenjska Museum.


The oldest part, in which the central room is the Columned Hall, is first mentioned in the 16th century, while the newer section, a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture, is a former aristocratic residency dating from the 17th century. The Renaissance Hall on the first floor has a wooden ceiling and two inlaid wooden portals, the largest of which bears the date 1638. The hall is used for cultural events and wedding ceremonies.

The Town Hall was renovated in 1964&ndash1966 and the rebuilding work uncovered some precious architectural elements. In 1965 Old Slavic graves from the 9th and 10th centuries and a ritual fireplace from the same period were discovered in the ground floor hall of the Renaissance section and are now presented authentically under glass.


In the gallery of the Town Hall is displayed a collection of over 50 small sculptures and prints by Lojze Dolinar (1893–1970), which had been donated to the Municipality of Kranj by the artist himself.

The entire second floor of the Town Hall is occupied by the ethnological collection Folk Art in Gorenjska Region, opened in 1980 and comprising painted and carved furniture, tools, festive dresses, and pottery. Complete sections illustrate the arrangement of settlements, buildings, interior furnishings, objects used for feasts, and objects for everyday use.

The Iron Thread archaeological exhibition, held in the remaining rooms on the first floor, presents part of the museum's rich holdings from the fields of archaeology, art, and cultural history.

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Kranjska mestna hiša +
+386 / 4 201 3951 +
Kranjska mestna hiša +
SI-4000 Kranj +
Glavni trg 4 +
Kranj Town Hall is one of the most important cultural monuments in Slovenia. +
Kranj Town Hall is one of the most important cultural monuments in Slovenia. +
+386 / 4 201 3950, 386 / 4 201 3980 +
Kranj +
SI-4000 +
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