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Luka Zagoričnik, Head of label
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Founded in 2003, L’ Innomable Records is a small and yet consistently active label. Internationally minded, it is dealing with rather specific music for a very niche audience.

Some of its musical creed can be gathered from its name, L’ Innomable, which originates from the title of Samuel Beckett's book and is the French term for unnameable or unspeakable. The music, or yet better, the unidiomatic organisations of sound which is released and presented by the label, is "intriguing, but with questionable character". One can more or less state improvisation as its main method, though.

L’ Innomable has been dealing with artists from all over the world such as John Butcher, Christof Kurzmann, Michel Doneda, Jonas Kocher, Seijiro Murayama, Margarida Garcia and Irena Tomažin.

When releasing artists from Slovenia, the label is often collaborating with Sploh Institute, with whom they've released works by the accordionist Luka Juhart, the double bass player Tomaž Grom and some others. In 2012, they have co-released the Neposlušno / Sound Disobedience compilation album which features some of the most active Slovenian protagonists of the free improv musical scene, with the afterword written by the British percussionist Eddie Prévost.

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