Mithras Shrine III in Zgornji Breg


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Contact info
Mitrej III, Zgornji Breg
Zgornji Breg, SI-2250 Ptuj
Phone386 (0) 2 787 9230
Fax386 (0) 2 787 9245
Managed byPtuj – Ormož Regional Museum
Aleksander Lorenčič, Director

The Mithras Shrine III in Zgornji Breg was unearthed in 1913 and is the largest temple of Mithras, built in the mid-3rd century in the western area of Roman Poetovio, then a densely built-up residential area. A new issue of the serial publication Archaeologia Poetovionensis, published by Ptuj – Ormož Regional Museum, is dedicated entirely to Ptuj Mithraism.


The temple contains mainly sacrificial altars, with dedications of soldiers belonging to the Legio XIII Gemina and Legio V Macedonica under the command of Flavius Aprus. The temple comprises three sections, the central one of which is lowered. To the right side of the memorial, Mithras is shown shooting an arrow of water from a rock – for the thirsty. On the left altar the birth of Mithras from a rock is shown above the inscription. Beside Mithras, who holds a dagger in his left hand and a torch in his right, stand Cautes and Cautopates, while above Mithras the supreme god and the winged goddess of victory are depicted. On the opposite side stands a high altar with lions crouching at the top. On the right side is the sun god, and on the left a male figure with the horn of affluence in his right hand and a patera in his left.

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