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Društvo Mohorjeva družba
Prešernova 23, SI-3000 Celje
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Celjska Mohorjeva družba, Editorial Board
Nazorjeva 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana

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Founded in 1851, Mohorjeva družba (St. Mohor's Society) is the oldest Slovene publishing house. It was established in Klagenfurt (present-day Austria) on the initiative of Bishop Anton Martin Slomšek (1800–1862) with the aim of fostering the Slovenian language. The publications of Mohorjeva družba played a decisive role in the history of reading and literacy among the Slovene people. As a result of historical and political shifts, Mohorjeva družba relocated to Celje, while two additional branches were established in Gorizia, Italy, and Klagenfurt, Austria. Today, all three branches remain active and collaborate on meetings, book presentations and other related events.


Mohorjeva družba was founded by Andrej Einspieler and Anton Janežič as a publisher of Slovenian books. The publishing house is known for its annual collection, still published today, which includes a selection of books and a calendar with articles, tales, practical advice, etc. Mohorjeva družba was renowned across Europe and drew more subscribers every year.

The collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire ushered in a difficult period, forcing the publishing house to relocate first to Prevalje and finally to Celje. When Mohorjeva družba was headquartered in Prevalje, Slovenes in the Goriška region were forced to establish their own Mohorjeva družba (1923), because the fascist regime banned the importation of Slovenian books. During World War II publishing took place in Ljubljana, while the publishing house only barely avoided being shut down after returning to Celje. After World War II, Mohorjeva družba was re-established in Klagenfurt as a separate publisher.

Reinvigorated, Celovška Mohorjeva družba (Hermagoras Verein) diversified its publishing portfolio in the following years, adding new titles and areas of expertise to its catalogue, thus becoming the most important organisation of Carinthian Slovenes. In 2001, when the Slovene Mohorjeva družba celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding, it was awarded the Golden Order of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia for its services in stimulating Slovenian literature and national consciousness.

Celjska Mohorjeva družba

The publishing catalogue of Celjska Mohorjeva družba includes fiction for children and adults, fiction in translation, textbooks, scholarly literature and handbooks covering a wide array of areas. Its publications have received a variety of awards. The books can be purchased online at its website or in Mohorjeva bookstores in Celje and Ljubljana.

Its annual collection is uniquely important as it helped stimulate Slovene cultural awareness in the past, at home and with emigrants abroad. The collection comprises a selection of books for all ages and tastes and the traditional calendar, which chronicles all of the previous year's significant events, domestic and foreign, in addition to containing articles, discussions, poetry, and short fiction.

Zvon ("Bell") is a bimonthly magazine, whose origins go back to 1870, making it the oldest cultural publication in Slovenia. It has been published by Celjska Mohorjeva družba since 2006. The magazine affords readers a variety of artistic and scholarly contributions, interviews, discussions, and reviews.

Launches of new titles are often accompanied by author presentations. Workshops, round tables, cultural and educational events, and expert meetings are likewise organised by the publishing house. The Slomšek Reading Award (Slomškovo bralno priznanje) was established to stimulate interest in reading among primary school pupils. The project concludes with a gathering in Ponikva, the birthplace of Anton Martin Slomšek.

Celovška Mohorjeva družba (Hermagoras Verein in Klagenfurt)

The publishing catalogue of Celovška Mohorjeva družba covers a variety of genres, such as children and young-adult literature and scholarly literature in Slovenian and German. They are known for their history books documenting the 20th-century history of the area of present-day Slovenia and Austria (Carinthia), including World War I and II, totalitarian regimes, the history of Carinthian Slovenes, etc. Also interesting are the collections Slovenica, which comprises translations of Slovene authors into German, and Austriaca, which comprises translations of Austrian authors into Slovenian. School textbooks published by Celovška Mohorjeva družba play a very important role in the development of Slovenian bilingual education in Carinthia.

The publishing catalogue is available in their bilingual bookstore in the centre of Klagenfurt or at their website.

Goriška Mohorjeva družba

In addition to other publications, Goriška Mohorjeva družba pays particular attention to regional themes and authors. In an attempt to introduce the works of Slovene cultural creativity to the Italian readership, numerous books are also published in Italian. The collection Our Roots (Naše Korenine) comprises history books examining contemporary social, cultural and political shifts. Books are available both in Italian as well as in Slovene bookstores (represented by Celjska Mohorjeva družba). as well as on the website (see External links below).

In the framework of Zadruga Goriške Mohorjeve družbe, Goriška Mohorjeva družba also publishes the children's magazine Pastirček(Little Shepherd) and the weekly Novi Glas (New Voice). It also co-publishes the magazine Zvon.

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Društvo Mohorjeva družba +
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Founded in 1851, Mohorjeva družba (St. +
Founded in 1851, Mohorjeva družba (St. +
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