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Plusminus30 Architects
Mestni trg 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 421 0886
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Barbara Debevec
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Plusminus30 Architects studio was founded in 2007 by Barbara Debevec, Lara Melon, Bernard Podboj and Jure Melon, all graduates of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana. Plusminus30 Architects work with clients' wishes and budgets to create projects that draw on local surroundings and materials to form links between tradition and technology.


The studio's recent work covers a broad range of project types and functionalities: a waiting room for Orto MD, a dental practice (2016), showroom designs for American cosmetics brand MUD (2017), renovation of an outdoor plaza area for the student dormitories in Koper (2017), and the Ducal Winery, a multi-phase project that will transform a traditional wine cellar into a modern resort (2018).

Plusminus30 Architects have received numerous awards, including the Golden Pencil Award for their work on the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Koper in 2007. Their design for the interior of Pekarna 8, a boutique bakery in Ljubljana, took top prize at Month of Design in 2014.

The studio has also worked on a number of private residential projects throughout Slovenia.

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