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Studio Poper
Prule 19, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 200 7987
Maja Hawlina, Concepts and Creative Direction

A contemporary studio for communications in the public space. It combines and invigorates the commercial, cultural and non-profit sectors in which it operates by providing solutions to communication issues. Its headquarters are in Ljubljana, Slovenia, while it operates internationally. Poper Studio was the first socially responsible communications company in Slovenia.

Poper Studio 2008 Izbrisan16let 01.jpgPart of the Izbrisan16let.si (TheErased16years) project by Poper Studio, set at various locations around the city of Ljubljana, 2008


Established in 2006 by Oliver Vodeb and Maja Hawlina, Poper Studio is an independent studio with an aim to intertwine knowledge about social communication, communication in culture, and market communication concepts in order to build a culture of openness and cooperation both inside and outside the studio.

Poper's interdisciplinary approaches form the basis of its every operation - from photography, custom-built web tools, posters, labels and the like, to strategic consultancy, brand development and long-term communication campaigns.

The team with its wide network of international collaborators offers strategic consulting, brand development, and communication campaigns of various contents and size, using the web, television, photography, and sound.


The work of Poper Studio deals mainly with socio–political themes. Selected projects include the identity and communication design for the PoLok project in support of local initiatives, and the campaign "No peace. Only searching." that marked the 25th year of the Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU).

A problem of "The Erased" (in 1992 18,305 legal inhabitants of Slovenia were erased from the Permanent Population Register of the Republic of Slovenia without being notified, without procedure, without any written order or legal ground) that has been polarising the Slovenian public for 16 years was presented in a sensitive way, exposing the problem of human rights. A special web page was created. The project TheErased16years [Izbrisani16let] was conceived in partnership with the Peace Institute and the Municipality of Ljubljana. For this campaign, Poper received the Erste International Award.

Poper Studio has worked with Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, on the EDUfashion project by which it looked for ways to express a new approach of fashion creation and production.

The project Street Poetry is a communications intervention created for the City Museum of Ljubljana. Through quotes written on the street pavement the authors address the public with poetic and socially–relevant messages. A web page was created in order to encourage people to add their thoughts to this contemporary, artistic public concept.

Poper Studio 2011 Street Poetry.jpgArt project Street Poetry created for City Museum of Ljubljana by Poper Studio, 2011. The quote by Claude Debussy written on the crosswalk: "Art is the most beautiful deception of all".


Oliver Vodeb and Maja Hawlina both have a rich repertoire of individual projects. The opus of Maja Hawlina reaches from the early beginnings as a founder of the advertising agency Avanta, awarded numerous international and local prizes mostly for social campaign, to being a member of almost all expert juries in the field of communication. She also introduced Slovenia to EFFIE, the largest international award for communication effectiveness, and is its president. In 2004 she was honoured with the title "Slovene Advertising Personality of the Year".

Oliver Vodeb is the founder and president of the Memefest, the largest international festival which nurtures and rewards innovative and socially responsible approaches to communication, as well as of the Scream competition, which rewards effective and socially responsible commercial advertising. He is also author of the book Socially responsive communication published by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana where he occasionally works as a scientific researcher.

The beginnings of their professional relationship were marked by the Antiterminal Silly Coffee cup collection campaign expressing their opposition to the oil terminal in the Bay of Trieste. The word poper ("pepper") was chosen for the name of the studio to reflect its spice and value.

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Studio Poper +
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