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Kolodvorska 9, SI-2270 Ormož
Phone386 (0) 31 867 215
Davorin Bešvir, Public relations
Phone386 (0) 31 471 836
Aljoša Širovnik, Public relations
Phone386 (0) 51 865 010
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The ska punk band Pridigarji ('The Preachers') was formed in 1987 in Ormož, Slovenia. Its first recording Last Exit to Paleozoik, was released by the Front Rock label in 1989. Since 1994 five CDs have been released on its independent Ohoho record label - The Rise with Mistake (1994), Slow Carpets (1995), On the Throat on the Knife (1997), Idiots in Hall of Fame (1999, co-produced by Front Rock), and All or More (2002). Pridigarji music also appears on various compilations (No Border Jam, Zgaga Festival, Unterhund veselica, OX, Plastic Bom, K4, SLOkompAnija, This is Ska, Ska Factor Positive).

The band has mainly performed in Slovenia although some of its 300 gigs have taken place in Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Germany. In 1993 a major German tour called Slovenia Six Pack was organised in the wake of the previous tours IdiotSKA, DebilSKA, KretenSKA and ImbecilSKA in the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Currently the members of the band are: Dabe (bass & vocals), Blaž (guitar), Žaža (tenor sax, backing vocals), Seba (Hammond), Karči (trombone), Sale (trumpet), Bako (baritone sax) and Miha (drums).

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