R.O.G. Skatepark

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R.O.G. Skatepark
Trubarjeva 72, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Managed byTovarna Rog

R.O.G. (Respect Or Go) Skatepark is an indoor skatepark in the former bicycle factory Rog in Ljubljana. It was built as a result of constant demands, brought out by youth, for an indoor object in Slovenia. Opened in 2007, R.O.G. Skatepark plays an important role in the development of the Slovene extreme sports scene and represents an important gathering point for athletes of all kinds of extreme sports. BMX cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading (inline skating) are represented in R.O.G. Skatepark as a part of Slovene extreme sports culture.

Capacity and objects

R.O.G. Skatepark is public. With around 500 sq. m. it is the biggest object of its kind in the history of Slovenia and in the region of former Yugoslavia. The main constructors were Boris Petkovič – Hefe (skateboarding), Samo Bajec – Kralj Samo (Rollerblading), Jernej Juvan – J.J. (BMX), Tadej Zalar – TJ (BMX). It was built with 0 Euro of state support.

Objects in R.O.G. Skatepark: 3 quarter pipes, 4 banks, spine, euro gap, jump box, fun box, moving wall, 2 ledges, numerous metal copings, foam pit, roof.

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