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When the band Siti hlapci came to life in 1998, there was not much of a reggae scene in Slovenia. Today, the scene is more or less the same, and the band, whose name literally means "Satiated Serfs", is still one of the very few practitioners of the genre.

Up till 2013, they have released three albums, the first one came out in 2003 and was titled Tukaj in Zdaj [Here and Now]. The second one, called Si ti Hlapec? [Are You a Serf?], followed in 2005. Both were mostly sung in Slovenian and garnered quite a lot of public and media attention, with some of the songs even being played on the Jamaican Roots FM radio. Their third album, Under JAH Sun, came out in 2012 and is sung entirely in English. The single "Plamen" [Flame] was also released at that time and the song stayed for 3 weeks on MTV Adria's Balkan charts, also receiving quite some radio airplay.


The band was founded by Tadej Tratnik-Tadiman, who at that time also hosted a reggae radio show and led a funk-punk band called Slowly Getting. Today, he is also a member of the Italian reggae band Makako jump, with whom he regularly tours in both Italy and other countries.

The other members of Siti hlapci include Matej Horvat on drums (besides Tadiman the only remaining member of the original line-up), Samo Pečar on bass, Beno Soršak on guitar, and Boštjan Jug on keyboards. All four of them can also be found in other musical set-ups like Electric Boogie or Ritem Sekta.


The band has had more than 200 appearances on stages across Slovenia and have performed also in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Some of the festivals that have hosted them include Soča Reggae Riversplash, Lent Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, and the Sziget Festival.

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