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Slomškova soba
Zgornji trg 28, SI-2367 Vuzenica
Phone386 (0) 2 876 4034, 386 (0) 2 876 4695
Managed byŽupnišče Vuzenica

Opened in 1999 within the oldest section of the monumental parish building in Vuzenica, the Slomšek Room is dedicated to the life and work of Slovene bishop, poet and educator Anton Martin Slomšek (1800–1862), who was once the parish priest here. It comprises a permanent memorial exhibition entitled Slomšek in Vuzenica (1838–1844), which depicts his public work in Vuzenica, together with a reconstruction of his living quarters and an old schoolroom which highlights the significance of his book Blazhe and Nezhiza at Sunday School, the first school book and teachers' manual in the Slovene language, written in 1842 at Vuzenica.


The horseshoe-shaped parish building is an important historic building in its own right. Its Baroque conference room features a painted beam ceiling dating from 1653; the ceiling paintings cover an area of about 80 square metres and are a unique source of information about the material culture, customs and life in the 17th century. It also contains a parish library dating from the 19th century (not open to the public).

The parish building is complemented by the nearby Church of St Nikolaj, a monument of Romanesque and Gothic architecture adorned with Gothic frescoes, Baroque paintings and sculpture. A guided tour of the Slomšek Room includes the church.

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