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Sokličeva zbirka
Glavni trg 24, SI-2380 Slovenj Gradec
Phone386 (0) 2 621 2520

Koroska Regional Museum 2019 Soklic Collection Photo Kaja Brezocnik.jpgThe Soklič Collection at the Koroška Regional Museum in Slovenj Gradec, 2019.

Jakob Soklič (1893–1972) became parish priest of Slovenj Gradec in 1933. As an enthusiastic collector and amateur art historian he soon started collecting various art objects and books. In 1937 he founded a museum which within a short time was named after him. Soklič later bequeathed his collection to the local parish. It has been under the care of the Koroška Regional Museum since 1996 and became part of its permanent exhibition in 2013. The collection numbers around 1,500 objects, including historical, archaeological and ethnographic objects, paintings, sculptures and traditional arts and crafts objects.

Soklič was also a researcher and he published the results of his research work before the Second World War, mostly in the Journal for History and Ethnography in Maribor. Several of his articles were of fundamental importance for the art history of Slovenj Gradec and its environments.

Soklič Collection is a fine example of a treasure room, a concept which originated and developed from the 16th century up to the modern era - the collector placed the objects into his residential and working environment and lived with them. The display in the Koroška Regional Museum manages to capture some of its atmosphere.

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Sokličeva zbirka +
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Sokličeva zbirka +
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SI-2380 Slovenj Gradec +
Glavni trg 24 +
Jakob Soklič (1893–1972) became parish priest of Slovenj Gradec in 1933. +
Jakob Soklič (1893–1972) became parish priest of Slovenj Gradec in 1933. +
+386 / 2 621 2520 +
Slovenj Gradec +
SI-2380 +
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