Solar Pulse Music


Solar Pulse Music
Ob Železnici 16, SI-2000 Maribor

Solar Pulse Music was established in 2006 with a simple and yet enduring motivation to set up rock concerts. With indie, garage, and stoner rock as their main musical orientation (but also electronics, atmosphere, avant-garde, noise, hardcore and other genres), this Maribor-based collective has brought many bands to the stage of the Gustaf Hall in Pekarna Cultural Centre. Some of the foreign bands they have brought are Cul de Sac, Damo Suzuki, A Whisper in the Noise, Boduf Songs, Nadja, and Ovo.

They also occasionally help bands get additional gigs in Slovenia or in the ex-Yugoslav area and release the albums of their own band, the highly acclaimed space rockers Coma Stereo.

In 2016 on their 10th anniversary, they organised Solar Pulse Music Festival in Gustaf Hall, Pekarna in Maribor where many bands from Slovenia and abroad (ŠKM Banda, ŠKM Banda, The Canyon Observer, Muškat Hamburg, Coma Stereo, etc.) shared the stage during four days of the festival. The next edition of the festival took place in 2019.

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