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Šola za prihodnost
Prvomajska ulica 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Founded byFaculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana
Aleš Gabrijelčič, Student
Phone386 (0) 31 410 081
Peter Plantan, Student
Phone386 (0) 40 191 619
Miha Prosen, Student
Phone386 (0) 41 458 791
Jošt Hren, Student
Phone386 (0) 41 559 846
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The South Africa Ithuba Project is a part of the non-profit project led by SARCH (Social Sustainable Architecture) Foundation, with the aim to build schools and health centres in less developed areas. Under the guidance of professors Aleš Vodopivec, Tadej Glažar, and assistants Anja Planišček and Josip Konstantinović, twenty students of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana joined the international network of European architectural faculties in 2009.


The initiator of the project is the Austrian SARCH Foundation, which started its first assignment in 2003 in the Orangefarm settlement in Johannesburg. A workroom and a house for the professors were built by German and Austrian architecture students. Gradually new edifices were added. Five architecture schools are currently participating in constructing a new college in Johannesburg in an area shaped by poverty and lacking infrastructure.


The mission of the South Africa Ithuba Project is to build a new classroom and a library in the existing primary school complex "Ithuba Skills College", located in the suburb Magagula Heights near Johannesburg, the Republic of South Africa. The project moreover aims to combine sustainable principles together with low cost construction in order to reach an optimal building model for developing countries. The participants also wish to exchange knowledge and skills with other European students and with local inhabitants.


Plans for a new classroom and a library were drawn in Slovenia, where also specific technical studies of the material have been made with the help of professor Sašo Medved, a counsellor for building construction. In August and September 2010 both buildings, made of local materials, will be set up in Johannesburg with the help of Slovene architecture students, local inhabitants, and pupils of the Ithuba Skills College.

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