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Terrafolk 2005 concert in Krizanke Photo Ziga Koritnik.jpgConcert by Terrafolk in Križanke, Ljubljana (2005)

Terrafolk is an up-to-date folk band. In recent years they have gradually gained wider recognition in the European folk and world music circuits. The musicians in the present trio are Danijel Černe a.k.a. Mystica (guitar), Bojan Cvetrežnik a.k.a. Bojan CV (violin, mandolin) and Marko Hatlak a.k.a Mark O'Tango (accordion, percussion, drums). They come from various musical backgrounds, blending together the elements of folk music, rock and classical music. In 2003 they received the BBC Radio World Music Audience Award 2003 (International category).


The group started in 1999 as a busking duet by Mystica (founder of the progressive folk-rock band Terra Mystica) and clarinet player Boštjan Gombač. Shortly after they met up with violinist Bojan CV. Terrafolk was born.

After touring in Slovenia, they headed for London and Edinburgh where they played in pubs, then clubs, then festivals. The UK adventure resulted in Terrafolk winning a BBC World Music Award. In 2004 Marko Hatlak and Janez Dovč joined the band. Gombač occasionally reappeared as a guest musician. New descriptions of Terrafolk appeared: folk rebels, punk attitude. The touring expanded into Spain, Ireland, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Balkan countries. In 2006 Kate Hosking from Melbourne replaced Janez Dovč on double bass and added her vocals to the music.

Terrafolk have evolved from playing only folk music with quasi-klezmer and Balkan flavours to now playing mostly their own composed music. Live performances started as duo gigs but now the band is performing more concerts with symphony orchestras and introducing more guests from Slovenia and beyond.

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