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Contact info
Folklorna skupina Tine Rožanc
Kolodvorska ulica 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 433 0067
Fax386 (0) 1 433 0067
Dejan Štimpfelj, President
Phone386 (0) 31 811 836
Irena Ham, Artistic Director
Phone386 (0) 41 325 812
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Established in 1949, Tine Rožanc Folkloric Dance Group comprises more than 120 dancers (aged from 4 to 75 years), two orchestras (one being a tamboura string orchestra that plays primarily the music of the Bela Krajina region and the neighbouring Croatian regions of Dalmatia and Slavonia), a children's dance group and a veterans' group.


The folklore group was originally established as part of the Tine Rožanc Railway Cultural Association (1921), the history of which is linked to a 19th-century cultural initiative connected with the construction of the Southern Railway from Vienna to Ljubljana and Trieste. During the 1960s the group toured to Trieste, Gorizia, London, Dijon, Lienz, and Meran, and won the first prize at a festival in Billingham. In the 1970s it cooperated with a folkloric group from Haifa, Israel, and later toured to Finland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Egypt within the programming framework of the International Council for Organisations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF), Slovenia, with which it closely cooperates also today.


The group presents Slovene folkloric heritage (customs, costumes, music, and dance) throughout Slovenia and abroad. Its repertory includes dances and songs from all Slovene regions, connecting them in longer dance sets that are characteristic for specific regions, with some of the elements appearing in variations from different regions. The group has appeared at international folklore festivals in Ukraine, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, etc.

It regularly appears at the Folkart International Folklore Festival, Maribor, and organises an annual concert, usually held at Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre.

Tine Rožanc Group is a member of CIOFF and the Union of Slovene Folklore Groups.

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