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The Bohinj Railway or Transalpina is a steam-hauled railway which connects Jesenice, Nova Gorica in Slovenia and Gorizia in Italy through the Julian Alps. As a museum train it started its journey in 1986.

It rides on a part of the historical (yet still fully operational) Transalpina Railway, which was inaugurated on 19 July 1906 in order to complete the railway that linked Vienna and Central Europe with the Adriatic regions of Austro-Hungarian Empire, especially with the strategic port at Trieste. During World War I, it carried the majority of Austrian military supplies to the Isonzo Front.

Two types of steam locomotives (25-025 and 33-037) manufactured in the beginning of the 20th century are still operating. They drag 6 old passenger-wagons that have been renovated after the original plans from the Vienna Railway Museum. All technical support and maintenance for the museum trains is carried out by mechanists from the Railway Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana. The ride includes conductors, with old customs in old costumes, railway guards and friendly service personnel who take care of the drinks and food on the way.

The stunning views and distinctive features of the railway are the 6,339-metre long Bohinj Tunnel under the 1,498 meter high Mount Kobla and the Solkan Bridge, with its 85-metre wide stone arch high above the Soča River.

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