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Urbani izziv
Trnovski pristan 2, SI-1127 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 420 1310
Fax386 (0) 1 420 1330
Published byUrban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
Breda Mihelič, Director, Managing Editor
Boštjan Kerbler, Editor in Chief

Published since 1989 by the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Urbani izziv [Urban Challenge] is the central scientific–professional journal for spatial planning in Slovenia with an international editorial board intended for presentation of current problems of spatial planning and management in Slovenia and abroad. Writers are domestic and foreign experts from different scientific disciplines, including architecture, economics, surveying, geography, and sociology. Articles on selected topics are bilingual, published in Slovenian and English.

Abstracts and keywords are available from the COBISS - Slovene Virtual Library database. Lists of published editions and articles available in English plus details of new issues are available at the website. The journal is subsidised by the Slovenian Book Agency.


Up to 2008, each issue addressed a leading theme. An issue of the journal published jointly in 1995 with the Faculty of the Built of the Environment University of Central England, Birmingham, dealt with the theme of Housing. Other themes have included Physical Planning, the City and Water, the Innovative City, Regional Planning, Rehabilitation, Values and Evaluation, Urban Design, New Framework of Spatial Research, Planning and Management of the Countryside, City Living and Housing, Small Towns, Views on Space, Instruments of Image, Infrastructure, Urbanisation and Environmental Protection, Security and Dwelling, the City Plan, Urban Networks, Different Living, Rehabilitation – the Built Environment, Urban Rehabilitation – Open Spaces, Large Projects, Building the City, and Physical Planning within the Bounds of Law.

Since 2009 each volume contains contributions on various spatial themes addressed from various fields and disciplines, including spatial planning, urban and landscape planning and design, regional development, urban renewal, and management of urban areas. Special attention is given to natural and cultural heritage protection, environmental protection, traffic and demographic studies, and accessibility for the disabled.

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