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Contact info
Kolektiv ZIZ
Pekarna-Magdalenske mreže, Ob železnici 8, SI-2000 Maribor
Managed byPekarna Magdalena Network
Anja Koleša
Phone386 (0) 41 903 383
Barbara Polajnar
Phone386 (0) 51 335 329
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Past Events

The ZIZ Collective was established in 2013. Self-organized collective derived from a theatre workshop and works on the field of social-engaged theatre. Since it was established it works in the frame of Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor.


Their focus is mainly on working with s widely used method of Theatre of the Oppressed - theatre based activism, pedagogical and educational purposes, tool for promoting social justice, but it can also have therapeutic effects. Its beginning dates to the 60s of the 20th century and is attributed to Brazilian director, writer and politician Augusto Boal. The collective is using a wide range of tools in their process of making a play, such as Newspaper Theatre, Forum Theatre, Invisible Theatre and Image Theatre. One of more provocative and action taking being an upgrade to the existing techniques called Legislative Theatre. Those approaches are serving as tool of questioning the position of power in society, as well as the tool of empowerment.


Theatre performances being a big part of their activities, a range of them has been produced so far. Slovenska mati in hči (Slovenian mother and her dother), Med dvema ognjema (Dodgeball), Objem granitne kocke (A hug of a cobblestone), Za 4 stenami (Inbeetwen 4 walls), Ema (Emma), Calais, Calais (Calais, Calais) are just some of them.

Gala ZIZ award

In 2014 Gala ZIZ award was presented for the first time. In a frame of award ceremony, called gala but in reality presents itself as a parody, an awards for the field of alternative theatre are presented. The awarding ceremony is now a yearly event, at first awards were given only to the locals, now cultural workers and actors from all over Slovenia are presented with ZIZ awards.

ZIZ festival

The festival started in 2019 and in a way announces the soon to happen Gala ZIZ awards. It takes place on different stages and locations in Maribor, such as Intimate stage and Little stage of Narodni dom, where selected alternative theatre productions are performed. Exhibitions, talks, parties and other side events take place.

Theatre residency

Theatre of social changes residency (Rezidenca gledališče za družbene spremembe) started in 2020 and is located in the same venue in Vetrinski manor as GuestRoomMaribor. The first residents in 2020 being Sendi Bakotić, Dunja Crnjanski, Joscha Kock from an international collective.

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