Cinematheque Society

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Društvo Kinoteka - Društvo prijateljev kinoteke Silvana Furlana

The Cinematheque Society was formally established on 22 April 2006 to pay tribute to the founder and first director of the Slovenian Cinematheque, Silvan Furlan, who passed away in April 2005. The Cinematheque Society – known in full as the Silvan Furlan Cinematheque Society – advocates, supports and encourages the appropriate presentation of the national and international film heritage in Slovenia. The Cinematheque Society also engages in the following activities: encouraging the development of film studies, encouraging the establishing of educational programmes on film culture, connecting to and cooperating with international and national film organisations and institutions that share the same values, and organising various film events and manifestations as screenings, panels, lectures, retrospectives, and other film-related events.

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