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Nadškofijski arhiv Ljubljana
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France Dolinar, Head

The Archiepiscopal Archives of Ljubljana are the most important ecclesiastical archival institution in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and hold several important collections, including most of the former parish archives.


The Archiepiscopal Archives of Ljubljana originate from the High and Late Middle Ages, when documents of the central offices of the Ljubljana diocese started to be assembled. There are also documents of the Chapter archives, which date back to the year 1461. The inventory of the first 60 binders, which are the most valuable part of the Chapter fund, covers the period between 1394 and 1777; most of the material is from the period since the establishment of the Ljubljana diocese and the Chapter house dating from the years 1461–62 until the mid-18th century. Some of the documents have been preserved only through copies of the original documents and date back even further into the past to the year 1201. The history of the Archiepiscopal Archives is connected to the history of the Ljubljana Cathedral chapters, which initiated and managed the Ljubljana Chapter archives. They were systematically arranged by the bishop Anton Alojzij Wolf in the 1930s and for the first time listed by Jožef Kek (267 binders).


The entire holdings of the Archiepiscopal Archives of Ljubljana amount to around 1,000 linear metres. The holdings are divided into six groups:

  1. Diocesan Files – the files from the time of the central offices of the Diocese and the Ljubljana Diocesan collaborators (1491–1960);
  2. Files of the Ljubljana Chapter (1394–1951);
  3. Bequests of the bishops, priests and others – 250 inheritances of the Ljubljana bishops, priests and laymen (16th century to the present);
  4. Societies – files of 20 societies, mostly church societies from the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century;
  5. Parish archives – transcripts of parish registers for the entire diocese since 1832, the aim being to order and register all parish archives including the parishes of the Novo mesto Diocese; and
  6. Collections – 21 collections, including collections of manuscripts, photographs, plans and maps (1140–2005).


Documents must be ordered at least one day in advance by phone or in person. According to the rules, one may take photocopies or photographs of some written files. Information on the Archives can be obtained from employees of the Archiepiscopal Archives or the publications Guide to the Funds and Collections of the Archiepiscopal Archives in Ljubljana (1999), Guide to the Parish Registers of the Archiepiscopal Archives in Ljubljana (2003) by Tone Krampač, and Chapter Archives in Ljubljana (2006) by Lilijana Žnidaršič Golec.

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