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Cankarjeva založba – Založništvo
Slovenska 29, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 3220
Bojan Švigelj, Director

Established in 1947, Cankarjeva založba is one of the largest publishing houses in Slovenia, publishing around sixty titles a year. In September 2004 Cankarjeva založba became part of Mladinska knjiga Publishing House Group. All work published under their name is available for purchase online at

Publishing programme

Cankarjeva založba Publishing House has launched several large projects, such as the Lexicon and Dictionary of Foreign Terms, and has also produced several important series of literature in translation such as Nobelovci ("Winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature") or XX. stoletje ("Novels of the 20th Century"), featuring novels by Joyce, Conrad, Freud, Kureishi, Lessing, and Ishiguro.

Among their more recent undertakings are two collections: Bralna znamenja ("Reading Signs"), a collection about books and the processes of reading, and Hvalnice ("Hymns"), where renowned Slovene authors examine particular subjects from singular points of view. Cankarjeva založba's publishing programme also offers works from various other fields, for example, drama, poetry, children and youth literature, travel writing, language handbooks, and monographic publications, all the while putting great focus on Slovene authors. Book publications are accompanied by literary presentations and readings.

At the 100th anniversary of the birth of writer Ivan Cankar, Cankar's publishing House released an album called Literarni revolucionar (Literary Revolutionary) dedicated to his work and life. Book Literarni revolucionar is the result of a joint work of four leading Slovenian researchers in the fields of dramatics, poetry and essay writing and narrative prose, which re-read Cankar's opus and illuminate it with contemporary literary knowledge.

To recognise the winner of the Vilenica International Literary Prize Cankarjeva založba publishes the Slovene translation of their work in cooperation with the Slovene Writers’ Association and International Vilenica Festival every year.

International projects

Cankarjeva založba is part of European programme Creative Europe. In the field of literature, Creative Europe supports initiatives to translate and promote literature across the European Union (EU) with the aim of increasing the readership of high quality literature and making it accessible to readers.

The main objective of Cankar's publishing house in general and in the Creative Europe project is to emphasize the importance and to promote the diversity of literature, both in terms of language and genre.

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