Carnaval are a four-piece band from the Zalog neighbourhood on the outskirts of Ljubljana. The band was established in 2004 as Pinocchio Pinchball, but they later renamed themselves as Carnaval. They successfully blend stoner rock and grunge with blues and funk rock with touches of metal heaviness, new wave and punk-rock to their sound as well.

Carnaval's official video for "Neighbour" from their 2012 album Tennis Football Basketball


Carnaval were born in 2003 out of a music collective called Pussyfinger. At the time, they were strongly influenced by the echoes of stoner rock and grunge music, genres to whose sentiments they remain somewhat faithful to this day. As Pinocchio Pinchball, later Carnaval, they coined their own unique sound that breached the limitations of their influences and blended in numerous rock, funk and metal deviations.

The band have managed to attain a relatively extensive and very loyal fan-base in Slovenia where they are regarded as one of the most innovative and authentic bands in the so called underground music scene. All Carnaval albums were self-released and financed exclusively through gigs and merchandise sales. They all have been critically acclaimed and favourably reviewed in local and foreign media.

Carnaval are known for their persistent criticism of the Slovene copyright management system and especially the Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for Copyright Protection in Slovenia (SAZAS Society). They are adamant supporters and practitioners of the D.I.Y. principles in music and they employ Creative Commons licensing with their releases. The band's disenchantment is reflected in their lyrics which are sometimes a bit cryptic but usually aim to embody their ruminations on personal trauma and socio-political events.

Discography and concerts

Prior to their first full-length studio album, the band already recorded quite a few demos and toured most of Slovenia; they were one of the 5 participating bands in the 2007 edition of the Club Marathon. Their first two albums 2 (2009) and 1 (2010) were recorded with the band being a four-piece constellation. A few line-up changes rendered them to a three-piece in 2012, when they released the critically acclaimed album Tennis Football Basketball. After that, they've once again regrouped into a quartet.

Visiting most of the alternative clubs in Slovenia, Carnaval played one of their most notable performances when supporting Kyuss Lives! in Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture.

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Carnaval +
Carnaval are a four-piece band from the Zalog neighbourhood on the outskirts of Ljubljana. +
Carnaval are a four-piece band from the Zalog neighbourhood on the outskirts of Ljubljana. +