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Contact info
Center slovanskih kultur France Prešeren
Karunova 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 684 511
Artur Azarkevič, Director
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The Centre of Slavic Cultures France Prešeren is a centre of everyday cultural events in Ljubljana. It is located in the legendary KUD France Prešeren building in the Ljubljana neighbourhood Trnovo, which for almost a century has been hosting various cultural and artistic events.

The Centre of Slavic Cultures organizes various cultural events, thematic evenings, festivals, workshops, concerts of various music genres, from jazz and acoustics to metal and trap, theatre performances, improvisation theatre and stand-up evenings, exhibitions and children's events, literary and poetry readings.


The building of KUD France Prešeren, usually called KUD, has a long cultural history. It goes back to 1919, when a local cultural and educational society KUD France Prešeren was formed. In recent decades, the venue has been recognized primarily as a place of alternative culture events, especially at the annual international Trnfest Festival and Emona Promenade Festival in August.

In autumn 2013 KUD France Prešeren, previous owner, ceased with its programmes and the building was put on sale. In 2017 it was purchased by the Centre of Slavic Cultures France Prešeren which launched a new programme scheme, but it also retained some old programmes, such as Trnfest Festival.


The Centre of Slavic Cultures’ premises are available for various cultural and creative events: the legendary Improliga regularly organizes its improvisational theatre shows there. The Centre regularly organizes Stand-Up comedy and Open Mic evenings, concerts of contemporary music genres, from jazz, also with the renowned Jazz Club Gajo as a co-organizer, to trap. Every August the Centre hosts the traditional international summer Trnfest Festival.

In addition to the multipurpose exhibition space which has 60 seats with tables, there are also a fully equipped concert hall with 110 seats or 200 stands, a lounge bar, spaces for various lectures or workshops, and also spaces for individual artists. The courtyard can host up to 1.500 visitors and it has a stage with all the necessary technical equipment and the outdoor bar.

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