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Contact info
Emonska promenada
Komenskega ulica 9, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Organised byHouse of Children and Arts
Festival dates30.8.2012 - 2.9.2012
29.8.2013 - 31.8.2013
28.8.2014 - 30.8.2014
27.8.2015 - 29.8.2015
25.8.2016 - 27.8.2016
24.8.2017 - 26.8.2017
23.8.2018 - 25.8.2018
22.8.2019 - 28.8.2019
Irena Rajh, Head
Phone386 (0) 41 663 904
Anže Virant
Phone386 (0) 40 795 440

Emona Promenade Festival is an annual international street festival, dedicated to the open-air theatre, puppetry and street circus offering a versatile programme with numerous genres, from theatre and puppet plays to various workshops for children and adults. Launched in 2001, it takes place traditionally every last weekend in August, before the start of the new school year.

At its very beginnings it was complementing the KUD France Prešeren's Trnfest Festival in the Ljubljana quarter Trnovo. Today the festival is run by the cultural centre for children and youth House of Children and Arts, its art director being Irena Rajh, the puppeteer-animator, pedagogue of puppet education and organizer of cultural events.


With its concept of socializing and creating on the street, the Emona Promenade Festival became well established in Slovenia and internationally. It is one of the most recognizable international festivals for children and families in the city of Ljubljana, each year attracting more and more visitors. Only in 2017 over 800 visitors attended the programme each day, together almost 3000 friends of street art and accompanying socializing.

The basis of Emona Promenade Festival consists of a selected programme of plays, creative workshops and interactive games for all ages. The organizer pays special attention to the mini-forms of "small size" performances and border performances that already have their home in the House of Children and Arts: fairy tales, traditional Japanese theatre Kamishibai, puppet shows for adults, street theatre and creative workshops in the open.

Each year, a three-day festival focuses on another country: Hungary, Italy or Austria were represented in the past. However, artists from other countries perform in those editions, too. In 2018, the performers were Catalonian group Guixot De 8, the regular guest at the festival; the Fru Fru Puppet Theatre; Belle Etage and Gundberg Theatre from Austria; the street clowns Oskar & Strudel from Australia and Switzerland; and Claudio & Consuelo from Italy with their Travelling Kitchen. Children and adults could also attend the dance workshop Dance of the Drops and other creative workshops run by the House of Children and Arts.

The Emona Promenade Festival is usually followed by the festival Stories under the Bridge. A part of the festival was also a walk-in performance Emona Path, where it was possible to experience the period of the Roman Emona, as Ljubljana was called 2000 years ago. All events are free of charge.

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