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The Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje is an international art centre initiated by Nina Seljko and Conny Blom in spring 2010. It is a very active no-budget art centre that organises events and exhibitions of foreign and Slovene artists and has a growing art collection. It arranges events and exhibitions that melt together with daily life and tries to ignore the standardised paths of professional socialising amongst art workers.


Nina Seljko and Conny Blom founded CAC Bukovje to provide extra exposure to their own work. They started calling the house they have been living in an art centre. They believe that curatorial ideas should manifest the art and they present the art they like. They can provide space for exhibitions in the studio or in the garden, a projector, a flat screen TV, and a couple of white walls.


Artist's/curator's talks are carried in CAC Bukovje as an informal gathering. Curators and artists are invited for a tea or coffee and the public is welcome to join. CAC Bukovje has hosted talks of the curators Božidar Zrinski, Petja Grafenauer, and Tevž Logar. During the studio residency granted by Slovene Ministry of Culture in January 2011 the CAC Bukovje expanded to Berlin where it organised a Teatime series with Daniel Segerberg, Matej Košir, Annika Lundgren, and Ninia Sverdrup.

CAC Bukovje has hosted performances of Nina Slejko Eating, After Satie and Conny Blom 1000 Hours of Stare and a concert of Blung Smrt Blaga band. The band is a successor of the Swedish band Gaga Blung that was active in the 1990s and CAC Bukovje published Blung Smrt Blaga's 2-track EP. The curators of CAC Bukovje also selected Swedish art videos and presented them at a video arts festival in Art kino Metropol Celje.


Many established artists, such as Miltos Manetas, Jonathan Meese, etc., have presented their work at CAC Bukovje. CAC has also held exhibitions of works by, amongst others: Rasmus Albertsen, Otto Mogren, Carl Johan Engberg, Johan Wik, Angelica Olsson. Baldessari Sings LeWitt, a video piece by John Baldessari from 1972, and Eric Doeringer's re-staging of John Baldessari's I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art have been shown as well. Solo exhibitions include those by the CAC's founders' as well: Conny Blom (Billboards/4'33 Minutes of Stolen Silence, The Complete Beatles) and Nina Seljko (It's All the Same Crap Anyway).

Art collection

The CAC Bukovje collection is based only on donations, personal gifts, and trades. None of the works have been purchased and this enables CAC Bukovje to be entirely detached from the established art market and its rules. The collection contains mostly video, sound, conceptual art and drawings from international artists. It includes works from Donald Baechler, Heath Bunting, Gilbert & George, Astrid Göransson, Irwin (Roman Uranjek), Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans, Miha Perne, Johan Wik, Leon Zuodar and many others. One of the artworks that collectors are most proud of is the installation of Serkan Ozkaya Proletarier Aller Laender.


CAC Bukovje has published two exhibition catalogues: the Alternative Economy is a catalogue of the CAC Bukovje collection exhibition in December 2010 with texts by Nina Slejko and Conny Blom; and the exhibition catalogue of the Miltos Manetas exhibition Angels in June 2011. Manetas works with the Internet and computer games and is one of the pioneers within these fields of art. In CAC Bukovje he presented the website projects,, etc. The catalogue includes his text "Websites are the art of our times".

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The Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje is an international art centre initiated by Nina Seljko and Conny Blom in spring 2010. +
The Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje is an international art centre initiated by Nina Seljko and Conny Blom in spring 2010. +
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