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Škrip Orkestra
Jelena Rusjan, Member
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1280pxScreech Orchestra Å krip Orkestra,performing at Glej Theatre, 2009

Škrip Orkestra alias "Screech Orchestra", a theatrical-musical project described as lounge music from hell, noir-kitsch, uncompromising screech punk, played its first show in Ljubljana's Glej Theatre in September 2009. The project is run by actress and dancer Jelena Rusjan who is also a member of the collective.

The orchestra consists of 8 actors and performers playing cabaret-style songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, combined with experimental naivety, kitsch, folk tales, and black humour. In the Screech Orchestra Show children's melodies go hand-in-hand with the worst nightmares driven by the darkest human emotions.

Screech Orchestra, music for the ears and the eyes, has performed at several venues in Slovenia and the rest of ex-Yugoslavia, including a show in New York's Gerald W. Lynch Theatre in October 2010.

In April 2010, the girl's gang with one male member, published a 9-track debut album accompanied by the Screech Orchestra kit: a bag and a badge. The album was produced by Glej Theatre and co-produced by City of Women Association for Promotion of Women in Culture.

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