Štanjel Esprima International Art Workshop

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Esprima Štanjel – mednarodna likovna delavnica
Galerija Lojzeta Spacala in Kraška hiša, Grad Štanjel, SI-6222 Štanjel
Phone386 (0) 5 769 0197
Andrej Malnič, Director

Štanjel, a picturesque terraced medieval settlement of the Karst region, is an attractive venue for artists' meetings. Every June the courtyard of the former castle is turned into an open-air studio for the Štanjel Esprima International Art Workshop. Participants from Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, including young and established painters, photographers, sculptors and designers, come to Štanjel to create new art works, often including video and multimedia. The event is supported by Komen Municipality and several sponsors and donators. Works are also exhibited at the Lojze Spacal Gallery and the Karst House, Štanjel and also, since 2004, at Ljubljana Castle.