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Alternativno kulturno društvo Izbruh
Stošičeva 4, SI-4000 Kranj
Phone386 (0) 51 829 729

The association is not active anymore. However, today the crew behind Trainstation Squat in a wqay continues its work.

Archival article

AKD Izbruh ("burst") is an alternative cultural association founded in 2001 with the aim of creating a space that facilitates free activities and expression for youth of the city of Kranj.

Squatting in an abandoned building known as Izbruh's Cultural Pool (Izbruhov kulturni bazen), Izbruh has been hosting a range of different entertainments (concerts, theatre performances, video and film screenings – the so-called Camera Revolta evenings) several times a week. Many annual festivals have been organised here, including the Izbruh Festival, the Surf Rock Festival, the Balkanika Core and the Metal Festival. In addition to some 120 events per year in the club, Izbruh also organised events on other locations.

In 2011 the Municipality of Kranj did not renew the contract with the private owner of the premises and the club ceased to exist in March (later the place was turned into a more commercial venue). No new alternative space has been provided for the Izbruh's vivid programmes. Yet, the Trainstation Squat has quite successfully substituted the Izbruh's Cultural Pool activities.

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