All Capone Štrajh Trio



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All Capone Štrajh Trio
Prušnikova 19, SI-1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid
Phone386 (0) 1 429 2784, 386 (0) 41 405240

The All Capone Štrajh Trio was established in 1992 by Gregor Strniša. Originally the band consisted of Mirko Vičentič Polič on violin, Tomaž Pinter on viola and Igor Švarc playing 'cello. What would be an electric band in the USA and Western Europe comprises in Slovenia a group of classic string instrumentalists who play original scores. Over a decade around 40 musicians have collaborated with All Capone Štraj Trio. In 1993 they launched their first album entitled Greatest Hits (a reissue in the form of A Tablet That Calms Down was later made in collaboration with Slovene pharmaceutical company Lek). The next album, 1 Theme 1000 Approaches, was produced in collaboration with the Pristop advertising agency and received an award for the best communication tool by a European PR association. Two other albums have been produced since that time – ISO 2001 and Me, the Heart and the Kitch. The All Capone Štrajh Trio has also worked on theatre scores – its Love Me Tender was the hit of the Glej Theatre production Elvis de Lux by the Grejpfrut theatre group. The band has collaborated with several well-known musicians of different genres: Katice, Vlado Kreslin and well-known clarinettist Andrej Zupan. Their 1998 hit Silvia was recently performed in collaboration with Magnifico and 13 musicians from the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra.

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