Ariart Woodwind Quintet



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Pihalni kvintet Ariart
Dolenjska 92a, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 427 4894
Matej Zupan, Flute

Phone386 (0) 40 811 811

The quintet is not active anymore.

Archival article

The Ariart Woodwind Quintet is made up of 5 renowned Slovene musicians who are also members of professional orchestras such as the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: flautist Matej Zupan, oboist Maja Kojc, clarinettist Jože Kotar, hornist Andrej Žust, and bassoonist Milan Nikolić. The Quintet was established in 1996 and presents a classical repertoire as well as national music works on stages throughout Slovenia and abroad. The name Ariart was chosen by the ensemble because it is a composite form of two Italian words aria (air and song), and arte (art, craft).

Repertoire and performances

The ensemble of 5 young wind instrumentalists has attracted the attention of both classical music lovers as well as contemporary music fans with performances in Slovenia and in countries such as Denmark and Spain as well as neighbouring Austria and Italy. Ariart Woodwind Quintet hosts a yearly concert cycle Serenade at the Slovene Philharmonic which features performances by the quintet as well as international guest ensembles such as the Croatian chamber ensemble Rucner and the bass player Zoran Marković. The quintet collaborates with other wind and string ensembles and performs a wider variety of chamber works written for such groups.

It also collaborates with Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), Slovenia presenting national works to a younger audience. Its repertoire includes works by 20th-century Slovene composers such as Uroš Krek, Primož Ramovš, and Slavko Osterc, contemporary works composed especially for Ariart, as well as arrangements of classical music pieces for flute (piccolo), oboe (English horn), clarinet (bass and E-flat), bassoon, and French horn.


The Ariart Woodwind Quintet's discography features 3 CDs. The recordings feature the wuintet's performances of original and arranged works by international composers such as Paul Hindemith, Joseph Haydn, Jacques Ibert, Malcolm Arnold, Astor Piazzolla, and Slovene composers such as Alojz Srebotnjak and Primož Ramovš.