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Crazed Farmers 2009 Klub Gromka Photo Janez Gercar (2).jpgCrazed Farmers performing at Klub Gromka, 2009

The first germs of the garage band Crazed Farmers were seeded in 2000. After the band's early period of trashy rock'n'roll which resulted in its first albums First Crop (Nika Records, 2005) and Because (Nika Records, 2006), produced by Tim Kerr, they really disappeared underground for awhile. The recent return of the re-grouped and transformed band into a kind of "nu-jazz" group with hardcore traces has been marked by the inclusion of various non-rock instruments, an extensive use of improvisation, profound "red-necks" grotesque and actually broader musical knowledge. The band's latest release for the Radio Študent (RŠ) label is album Far Ma (2009).

The Farmers are: Mihael Kunšič (guitar), Borut Švegelj (guitar), Boštjan Benčič (bass), Mirko Nežmah (drums), Dario Cortese (vocals, horns & reeds), Simon Vene (vocals, horns).

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