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Podjetje za malomeščansko umetnost
Prekmurska 12, SI-9231 Beltinci
Phone386 (0) 2 542 1984
Dani Kavaš, Administrator

Phone386 (0) 40 778 517

The Enterprise is not active anymore. Its founder and sole protagonist, Dani Kavaš, performs only occasionally.

Archival article

In 1999 the poet, musician, and anarchist Dani Kavaš established his Enterprise for Bourgeois Arts, also known as the Radical Dr. Whateverism. Nominally encompassing painting, comics, music, and theatre arts, it was but the first in a string of Dani's curiously named projects. Basing a good part of his activities in Beltinci, a town in eastern Slovenia, Dani Kavaš is the prime protagonist of the politically critical, culturally provocative, and socially conscious activities in the region.

Since his early age, Dani has been engaging in painting, comics, music, theatre, philosophy, and anarchism. He started his extensive involvement in alternative and (local) youth culture institutions in 2000, when he became active in Metelkova mesto and Pivka House of Culture. In the same year Kavaš had his first solo concert, playing guitar and singing his poems, which is the way in which he has been performing for most of his career. He also engaged himself in numerous other activities, from leading art workshops and creating comics to organising a music festival called Razkristjanjevanje (Dechristianisation), movie making, and even running for the mayor of Beltinci.

An excerpt of his early performance from 2001.

Performances and discography

Visiting most of the clubs and many festivals between Koper and Lendava, Dani Kavaš has been touring across Slovenia almost without a pause since the start of his musical path. In 2001, he was a guest of the Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo at the Festival of Emerging Artists, Theoreticians and Activists of the former Yugoslavia. In 2003, he was chosen to be part of the Club Marathon. A year later he embarked on a Kros Balkan Tour and visited an extensive selection of ex-Yu clubs. The tour, which was recorded and later shown in a documentary on one of his DVD releases, was again repeated in 2010.

His discography starts in 2001 with the album Kri v pepelniku in psihopat na nočni omarici [Blood in an Ashtray and a Psychopath in the Night Cupboard], which he re-released twice more under the wing of the informal Domači posnjetki (Home recordings) label. Since then he recorded a number of solo and collaborative albums and also released two DVDs containing various video and documentary materials from his career. None of his releases was ever entirely politically correct.

Throughout his concerts and albums, Dani has involved himself with many interesting artists like Jani Kovačič, Marko Brecelj, Tovariš MStrmoglavljen, Uroš Buzeti, Sanja Žmavc, and others.

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