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As the Fabula Award was awarded up to 2012 only, the article about it was put into the depot. Below you can read the archival article. Please be aware that certain links and contact information may no longer be valid.

Archival article

The Fabula Award for the best Slovene short story collection has been bestowed since 2006 on the occasion of the World Literatures - Fabula Festival organised by Beletrina Publishing Institute in collaboration with the Dnevnik Publishing House, publisher of the Dnevnik Newspaper, which funds the award.

The winners so far were Nejc Gazvoda (2006), Katarina Marinčič (2007), Maruša Krese (2008), Peter Rezman (2009), Vesna Lemaić (2010), Lado Kralj (2011) and Dušan Čater (2012).

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