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Galerija Hest 35, Ljubljana
Židovska steza 8, 1. floor, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 426 2168
Emil Šarkanj, Director

Launched in October 2002, Hest 35 Gallery was the third of the Hest galleries in Slovenia and operated until 2011. Unlike the other two galleries (Hest Gallery, Maribor and Hest Gallery, Ljubljana), it focused on work by artists under the age of 35 years. A two-week exhibition took place every month; during the other two weeks, the works of various artists exhibited were placed on sale. The gallery was also a consulting body for furnishing private and corporate spaces with artworks.

In 2009, the curator Petra Skaberne curated themed exhibition What about amnimals? (Kaj pa živali?). She selected Slovene artists of the younger generation born between 1973 and 1981: Matic Sonnenwald, Peter Štrovs, Bojana Križanec, Miha Perne, Boštjan Drinovec, and Rok Predin. In 2007, the gallery also exhibited works by Maja Žura, Natan, Urša Toman, Irma Gnezda and Maja Lubi, and Bojana Križanec.

Exhibition space

Dimensions: Room 1: 37m² (6.5m x 5.7m x 2.5m H) incorporating 22 linear metres of wall space; Room 2: 14m² (4m x 3.5m x 3m H) incorporating 11 linear metres of wall space; installation system: Nielsen hanging system; lighting: halogen lighting system; climate control: yes; sales policy: sales permitted (sales % by negotiation); security: security system installed

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