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Contact info
Galerija Hest, Ljubljana
Židovska ulica 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 422 0000
Managed byHest Gallery
Emil Šarkanj, Director
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Four years after establishing Hest Gallery in Maribor, Emil Šarkanj opened a new gallery space in Ljubljana in 1993. The programme here is much the same as in Maribor and the artists featured are basically Slovene artists.

Collection covers a wide range of works from the established artists of older generations to the young ones. Since the very beginnings, various Slovenian classics (impressionists, expressionists ...) and the middle generation of artists who have left a visible trace on the Slovenian art scene are available at the gallery. In 2002, the gallery expanded its offer with the opening of the Gallery Hest 35, which represents the young generation of Slovenian artists.

Exhibition programme

In 2009 Gallery presented 5 solo exhibitions, mostly of the young generation of Slovene artists: internationally acclaimed Uršula Berlot and her works researching spatial phantasms, Ptujska Gora-based Dušan Fišer, as well as exhibitions of Jože Šubic, Mateja Kavčič, and Tanja Špenko. In February 2010 Hest Gallery presented an exhibition of Jože Tisnikar, which was featured a month later in its Maribor filial. The Hest Gallery in Ljubljana has also featured older artists, such as the themed group exhibition The Russian Avant-garde [Ruska avantgarda] in 2007. In 2016 was an exhibition dedicated to France Slane, prepared for the artist's 90th anniversary. He is the painter with the biggest opus in Slovenia.

Represented artists

In both Maribor and Ljubljana the Hest Gallery offers a very bright palette of the work of more than 100 artists including some art works of established deceased Slovene authors such as drawings of Slovene impressionist Rihard Jakopič; drawings of Avgust Černigoj (the key figure of Constructivism and the Slovene historic avant-garde); oils on canvas and aquarelles of Jože Tisnikar; oil paintings of France Kralj; drawings and graphics of Božidar Jakac, and many others.

The Hest Gallery also sells works of some established older generation Slovene artists such as Janez Bernik, Jože Ciuha, and Lojze Spacal, as well as further works of middle generation artists such as Zora Stančič, Andrej Jemec, Živko Marušič, or Dušan Kirbiš. It also sells the works of the young middle generation: Dušan Fišer, Marko Jakše, Metka Kavčič, Borut Korošec, etc. The younger authors who collaborate with the Hest 35 Gallery are Boštjan Drinovec,Miha Perne, Barbara Demšar, Peter Štrovs, Uršula Berlot, Igor Banfi, Miran Kreš, Primož Pugelj, Natan and many others.

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