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Contact info
Galerija Hest, Maribor
Židovska 1, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 2 250 06 66
Fax386 (0) 2 250 06 67
Emil Šarkanj, Director

Hest Gallery was opened in 1989 in Maribor by Emil Šarkanj. The gallery of 250 sqare metres is the best-known commercial gallery in the city, presenting mostly figurative paintings and sculptures by older and middle generation of Slovene artists. In 1993 Emil Šarkanj opened the Hest Gallery in Ljubljana. From the outset the gallery has been a member of the Gallery Owners and Antiquities Experts Association of Slovenia.

Exhibition programme

The Hest Gallery in Maribor annually features up to 4 solo exhibitions. In 2010 the gallery presented Jože Tisnikar and Petar Beus, in 2009 the exhibition of Rajko Čuber and Jože Šubic, in 2008 Nataša Ribič, drawings of Rihard Jakopič, Franc Vozelj, and Jože Marinč. In 2007 the gallery featured the exhibition of Herman Pečarič and Rajko Čuber, and in 2006 Ejti Štih, Zvest Apollonio, France Slana, and Nikolaj Beer.

Represented artists

In both of its locations the Hest Gallery offers for sale a very bright palette of the work of more than 100 artists including some art works of established deceased Slovene authors such as drawings of Slovene impressionist Rihard Jakopič; drawings of Avgust Černigoj (the key figure of Constructivism and the Slovene historic avant-garde); gouaches, drawings, graphics and some oils of Zoran Mušič; oils on the canvas and aquarelles of Jože Tisnikar; oil paintings of France Kralj; drawings and graphics of Božidar Jakac; and many others. The Hest Gallery also sells works of some established Slovene artists from the older generation such as France Slana, Jože Ciuha, and Lojze Spacal, further works of middle generation artists such as Živko Marušič, Metka Krašovec, Dušan Kirbiš, Ivo Prančič, Nikolaj Beer, Rajko Čuber or Boris Zaplatil. It also sells works of the young middle generation such as Dušan Fišer, Marko Jakše, Aleksij Kobal, Sandi Červek, and many others.

The gallery sells works of some international artists such as Mersad Berber (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Vasilij Jordan (Croatia) or Matteo Massagrande (Italy).

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