Museum Collection of the Soča Front at Sveta Gora



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Muzejska zbirka soške fronte na Sveti Gori
Sveta Gora, SI-5250 Solkan
Phone386 (0) 5 335 9811, 386 (0) 5 333 1140
Founded byGoriška Museum

The collection was put into depot as it is not mentioned as a public collection of the Goriška Museum any more.

Archival article

The museum exhibition of the Soča Front at Sveta Gora presents the developments during the First World War on the western border of Slovene territory. The area was a major theatre of war and attracted the world's attention. The exhibition is dedicated to the civilians and soldiers of various nationalities who died in the area and were buried here.

During the First World War the top of Sveta Gora was an important military and strategic post and fierce battles were fought over it. The exhibits comprise museum objects, documents, photographs and works of art which illustrate how the battles on the Soča Front were reflected in the arts.

The permanent exhibition was opened in 1989. As part of the pilgrimage centre on Sveta Gora, Goriška Museum arranged a museum collection of a sacred nature in 1996 and named it the 'Museum of Our Lady'. The exhibition addresses the worship of Our Lady in general and in relation to the history of Sveta Gora. The ravages of the First World War completely changed the appearance of this place of pilgrimage.

The collection is managed on behalf of Goriška Museum by brothers of the local Franciscan monastery.

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