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Noise festival eksperimentalne glasbe in hrupa
Lepodvorska 23, SI-1000 Ljubljana

After 2013, Noise festival has for an indeterminate term been dissolved, its role taken by the Zasavje Noisefest International.

Archival article

First organised in 2001, the Noise Festival is a festival of experimental and noise aesthetics. Offering concerts, video performances and lectures since the beginning, the festival has eventually been enhanced with a photography exhibition, workshops, a second-hand market as well as by a late-night DJ programme. Thus and in spite of its name, the festival – sometimes also called Noisefest – is much more than just a noise music event.

Even music-wise, the presented sound art ranges from noise and industrial music to sludge rock, death metal, ambient and various other forms of avant-garde sonic expression. The artists come from places around the world, and besides Europeans, there are also guests from Japan, Australia, the USA, Cambodia, Canada, Turkey, etc.

Besides presenting an explicitly alternative artistic production, a big emphasis is given to the DIY ethics and aesthetics. As such, it is also a festival of DIY culture, and even the daily meals for the artists and the audience are made on the spot at Metelkova. The festival is organised by the DRMK - Collective for Development of Youth Culture, a well-known presenter of alternative music events. For the first five years, the festival took place in Klub Gromka, but has since then relocated and moved to Klub Menza pri koritu.

The Noise Festival 2014 took place on April 11-12 at the Boro Club in Brno, Czech Republic, organized by the Czechs (who already took part in the 2013 edition).

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