Paranoid Open Air Festival


Paranoid Open Air Festival
Kamniška Bistrica 2A, SI-1242 Stahovica

The festival is indefinitely retired.

Archival article

Primarily staging heavy metal music, the Paranoid Open Air Festival was first held in 2009. Organised in a collaboration of the Paranoid webzine, Novi KLG, and Veseli Dihurčki Cultural Society, it was set up as a continuation of the festival Metal Mania Open Air that had at that time come to a temporary halt (having a two-year hiatus in 2009 and 2010). Since the Paranoid webzine was celebrating the tenth anniversary of its activities that year, they named the festival after the online publication. The festival was held in Ljubečna pri Celju and has had distinguished foreign head liners like Agnostic Front, Blaze Bayley, Necronomicon, Taake, Candlemass, Atheist, and others. Still the same, the festival's main aim was to present an opportunity for promotion and socialising of the Slovene metal scene.

In 2010, the festival moved to another location, and was set up in Camp Alpe in Kamniška Bistrica. Alongside choosing the more alpine location, the festival broadened its scope by including various sport activities (downhill, climbing, slacklininig, archery, and some others) and happenings such as an Air Guitar Contest and Karaoke. The musical programme became more focused on presenting Slovene musicians and among others hosted Dead Dildo Drome, Metalsteel, Keller, Vigilance, Use Less, etc. In 2011, another edition followed in this idyllic location.

Paranoid Open Air Festival 2010 promo video.

In September 2013, the festival prepared a special edition called "Paranoid Mania", this time in Opatje selo in Slovenia's Karst region.

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