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Festival plakata Ljubljana
Slovenska cesta 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 51 669 606
Organised byBrumen Foundation
Radovan Jenko, Art Director

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The Poster Festival of Ljubljana has been put into Depot. See the archival article below.

Archival article

Poster Festival Ljubljana 2009 first prize Tomek Glowacki.jpgTomek Glowacki's work, Poster Festival Ljubljana First Prize (2009)

The Poster Festival Ljubljana – the 1st European youth poster competition on a socio-political topic – was established by the Brumen Foundation in May 2009. Supported by the Culture 2007–2013 programme of the European Commission-EACDG, the festival was founded to communicate important messages to a global audience through the medium of posters and to assemble an outstanding collection of international posters. The festival aims to become a regular event to raise socio-political awareness while presenting Ljubljana as a creative, open, and culturally-aware European city.


Focusing on the topic of climate change, the first edition of the festival took place as a supporting programme of the 4th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications, consisting of a Competition in poster design, a Workshop for students, an Eco debate and two main exhibitions: Masterpieces, an exhibition of posters with various social-political contents by internationally acclaimed masters, and Coexistence, a visiting exhibition of Polish posters on the topic of co-existence.

Under the theme "The Faces of Racism Revealed" the 2011 international graphic design event aims to raise public awareness of various manifestations of racial intolerance in Europe today, and to encourage the inter-cultural dialogue through innovative educational and awareness-raising tools and activities. Partners of the Poster Festival Ljubljana '11 are Amnesty International Slovenia, and design colleges – academies from Paris (FR), Groningen (NL), and Warsaw (PL).


One of the highlights of the Festival is the exhibition Masterpieces which presents a rich collection of international poster design on social topics.

More than 100 acclaimed poster designers from all over the world presented their works at the grand exhibition at the National Gallery of Slovenia in May 2009. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue of works with a presentation of the authors, introducing also Kostja Gatnik, Radovan Jenko, Ranko Novak from DesigNovak, and Slavimir Stojanović from Futro.

In the future, the intention and goal for the Masterpieces collection is to visit other major cities in Europe and, also, to expand the collection with works from new artists as well as new works from the previously featured artists.


Hosted by internationally acclaimed design experts, the main aim of the Workshop is to facilitate mutual co-operation of students from partner university-level design academies in Groningen, Helsinki, Warsaw, Zagreb, and Ljubljana. These young artists from different cultural backgrounds create visually clear and provocative messages for the general public which are also targeted towards decision makers in environmental issues.

All posters become the property of the Brumen Foundation; they are displayed at the exhibition, presented in the catalogue and on the festival's web gallery, where they are available to non-government and government institutions of the EU for publishing.

The first Workshop was held at the Department of Design at the University of Ljubljana's Academy of Fine Arts and Design in May 2009. Attended by 90 students it was implemented under the guidance of Bruketa&Žinić, Jason Grant, Čedomir Kostović, Alain Le Quernec, Filip Pagowski, and Annik Troxler. The international jury composed of Dimitris Arvanitis, Anthon Beeke, Anette Lenz, Piotr Młodozeniec, and Bruno Monguzzi awarded the prizes: 1st prize to Tomek Głowacki, 2nd prize to Darja Velušček and 3rd prize to Yosef Bercovich. All works were exhibited at Ljubljana's Jakopič Gallery.


The first Competition on the topic of climate change resulted in a catalogue and the exhibition, held at the Jakopič Gallery in May 2009. The goal of the international competition of young designers under 35 years of age is to raise awareness and to spread knowledge about important social topics. The international jury, comprising Ivan Doroghy, Marjatta Itkonen, Radovan Jenko, Cyprian Koscielniak, and Mieczyslaw Wasiłewski, chose 125 works from 516 of submitted works. First prize was awarded to Mathilde Fallot, 2nd prize to Luka Mancini and Katarina Mrvar from Lukatarina, and 3rd prize to Jani Ikonen.

International Cooperation

Works from the Competition and Workshop were exhibited at the Academy Minerva, School for Fine Art & Design in Groningen (December 2009) and at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (April 2010). Design posters on climate change were shown at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (January 2010).

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