Primorska srečanja (Primorska Meetings)



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Primorska srečanja (Primorska Meetings)
Grajska 1, SI-5000 Nova Gorica
Phone386 (0) 5 302 4610, 386 (0) 41 444015
Jože Štucin, Editor in Chief

The magazine Primorska srečanja was published up to 2009. See the archival article below.

Archival article

Primorska srečanja [Primorska Meetings], a magazine of social sciences and culture, was launched in 1977 following the merger of two magazines, Srečanja and Obala. Initially published by the Society of Sociologists and Political Scientists of Northern Primorska Municipalities, it is currently run by the Primorska srečanja Cultural Society. It primarily features texts that reflect on the cultural situation in the Primorska region, as well as the poetry of up-and-coming poets.

The magazine has published over 300 issues since its inception. Since 2004, the magazine has been published with less regularity.

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