Schwarz Gallery


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Galerija Schwarz
Koprska cesta 106/d, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 423 8800

The Schwarz Gallery ceased its activities. Below you can read the archival article. Please be aware that certain links and contact information may no longer be valid.

Archival article

Established by the printing company Schwarz and located in the company house on the outskirts of Ljubljana, the Schwarz Gallery regularly prepares mostly solo exhibitions by Slovene artists of the middle generation such as Rajko Čuber, Zdenko Huzjan, Klavdij Tutta, Žarko Vrezec, Lovro Inkret, Lučka Koščak, Erik Lovko or Vlado Stjepić, but also shows art works of the younger generation.

In 2010 the art tandem of Miha Perne and Leon Zuodar, named Beli sladoled ("white ice cream") were featured in a solo exhibition of drawings. The gallery has also exhibited the works of younger artists such as Nina Slejko, Uroš Weinberger, Gašper Jemec, to name just a few. Exhibitions are curated by Mojca Grmek, art historian of the same generation.

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