Organised byLimbabwe
Festival dates7.9.2017 - 9.9.2017

Shinafest was established in 2010 as an international festival for experimental music. The festival is dedicated to unconventional and experimental music, both acoustic and electronic sound generators. Its name is related to Idrija's mercury mine and is inspired from the sound produced by banging on shina (a piece of rail track) that was used as a call for all the miners in town to start their shifts.

Festival focus

Already in its short history, the festival has hosted many experimental musicians experimenting with various mediums (cassettes, medieval and homemade instruments, field recordings, electronic gadgets, electromagnetic waves, etc.). The festival also promotes site-specific performances: a music event based on folk tales with Bogdana Herman, Borut Savski and Ana Kravanja was held at the Idrija mine and the scenic Gewerkenegg Castle was also used as a venue. In 2014 the festival included alp-horns, noise jams, gambling and magic at various locations in town.

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